What I think about this place

Hk buildings

It is well organised,  well planned township. . It is neat,  tidy and clean.  Even its people are neatly cloths.  I seldom see them in sandals. . Even if, , they are the nice type of sandals,  except those who I saw in the wet market,  whose plan were to buy veggie,  meat or poultry.

Their toilets are always with toilet paper, hand liquid and working flush.

Standing on the right side of the escalator has become their norm.

Bicycle lanes really meant for bicycle and bicycle only.

School children are neatly cloths according to the weather.

Those local walking on the streets seldom carry their water bottle on their hands but nicely tuck away in their bag.

They are always ready with a recycle bag whenever they go for grocery shopping.

Often I was being mistaken as someone from the mainland and being treated differently.  By differently it could mean being talked to with strong accent of Cantonese Mandarin and being stared at as if I’ve done something wrong. Which I quickly answer with some simple English such as “sorry. .”, or “excuse me. .?” Then it would normally being replied with some guilty look and proper eye contact and better attitude.

So,  what do I think of this place call Hong Kong?

I love this place especially its food,  good manners, the greens little man on the traffic lights with sound,  the Greetings of the shop keeper whenever I step into a shop, the cool air during Spring and the love of books for the locals. Oh and the free government wifi in the library.

Yes,  I don’t mind spending my time here.

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