Wow! Beautiful yard!

That was the voice in  me whenever I passed by some nice front yard of others who has well organised, beautifully grown and groom from yard that some even have artificial crane or Gnorme. I saw one even has a cute ziraffe in the parking space!

Okay.. I have been dreaming about having a nice front yard that is filled with beautiful flowers, nicely cut grass, trimmed up greens or little trees.

I have also been passing by a front yard that has artificial butterflies and yard sign that says “Welcome”! Now I wonder where the owner get that sign, maybe from Country Homes? Or some print yard signs company?

As for me, the not green-finger type of owner can hardly grow a rose tree! Ya.. maybe roses are hard to grow. So I’ve got myself a hibiscus tree in my front yard – our National Flower (Yay to that). So I’ve been trimming my hibiscus tree ‘cos it was being planted too near the auto-gate and it has been on its way since it is growing healthily. I’ve also been cutting (well… once by my own recently) the grass that I’ve planted on it.

So.. it looks like..

front yard


Ya… not blooming (yet)..

Okay, okay.. let’s look at some better photos..

Camera 360



There.. feeling  much better to look at beautiful flowers, right?


Happy gardening!