Oh no!! It happened again!!

I can’t read the label!

Oh well.. I guess age do catching up with  my eyes now..

Ever find yourself in a dilemma in the pharmacy or grocery store.. or just any day-to-day food shopping? That you wanted to find out where the product is made from or if that recipe printed at the label is okay to try on.. or when is the expiry date or contents of that tin of stuff?

Yup. It happened.

I find it hard to drive at night too. Bummer!

I guess my procrastinated mission of mine cannot stay any longer than another month. Hoping to find a good pair of glasses that suits me and comfortable to reach to whenever I need it.

Hmm… GreatEyeGlasses.com eyewear is offering some great looking glasses..maybe I should get that fancy red-eye-catching frame..

At the mean time, happy reading!