To Earth With Love album

I’ve got news from Japan. The album that I did for “To Earth With Love” committee has been presented to Professor Dr. Teruo Higa – the researcher and owner of EM product. Professor Dr. Higa is an agricultural scientist. I’m glad that the committee member approached me to do a scrapbook for their project and successfully presented to the professor himself.
To Earth With Love has been doing lots of project in making Mud Ball using the EM solution and rice rinsed water. The mud ball itself can help in cleaning up drain or dirty water. There have been much activities done by the committee during the course of this year, I’ve written about one of the event here. Another news coverage about mud ball is here.
The EM itself can be used as fertilizer. EM means Effective Micro-organism. With the right mixture, it gave new life to crops.
Here are some pages inside the album:

I hope our government will fully support To Earth With Love in using EM to produce better agricultural product, house hold used detergent since it is environmental friendly and even help out in creating a greener environment.

Love our environment, love our mother earth, let’s do something green today.

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