Bottle Sling = Hands free feeding

Got his cute Bottle sling last week and only manage to get a feedback yesterday.

First look of it, it seems a bit short compare to what they are showing in their website –
The design is original and the pattern on the cloth is cute. That’s all I can say about it on first glance.

Well, since I don’t have little baby and my boys hold their bottle without any problem, I gave it to my colleague who is having a 6-month-old baby boy.
At first, my colleague couldn’t think of where to wrap the sling till I told her about car seat. She probably didn’t read the leaflet instructions.
So, once she tried it, she was so thankful for it. Her husband goes “Shiok juga nih, tak payah pegang.” It means, how nice no need to hold the bottle.
My colleague even said that her baby love the sling, ‘cos right after feeding, he started touching the sling, he must have love the flog pattern.
Just look at these cute photos from

How cute right? The good thing about this baby sling is that, the baby can push away the bottle at any time and it won’t chock the baby. What more it can fit in most bottles from small till big, plus it is washable.
This was started by a mom who had been travelling in long distance with her baby and there are lots of time that she find it hard to feed baby while driving, so the bottle sling came along and it solves her problem. With US$19.90, you can do your chores with both hands while baby is feeding on bottle! How nice is that!?
Check out Ruth Dorst website at
I do salute her for being able to come up with this idea to make mom’s life easier.
Way to go Ruth!

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