Original and counterfeit

Happy Father’s Day! How are you all doing on this Father’s Day?
For us, well.. nothing.. absolutely nothing.. we just stay at home, chilling out.
On the crafty side, I’ve something to share today. It is all started with a visit.
Thanks to a friend who came back for a visit from England, I get to have this – Cadbury Roses as a gift, of course plus a bookmark in remembering of the Royal Wedding!
Bookmark? Been keeping it nicely away.
Chocolate? – finished eating. Just left the little box, of course. So what can I do with the box? Make another box from craft paper and maybe can use it to put little “kisses” inside. So, here is what I’ve done by using the Roses box as a template:

I simply decorate it with some punched out butterflies using Martha Stewart’s punch and a doily.

Well, what’s important is of course what is in the box!

Now, all you all can do this simple box too, you’ll just need the template. In fact, you can copy any box that you like and create a customize box yourself.

Have fun!

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