Simply Perfect

Yup, these two are just too cute to miss (in these photos only LOL).

Those Simply Perfect papers are really hard to use, they are too pretty by themselves! I felt guilty to cover them up actually and each paper has glitters on them, breath taking to just look at them, so how can I just cut them up or cover them?

This paper that I chose to use is with a bird on the side, so I can still put my photos in the center and cover up those wordings which I was thinking if I should cut a hole in the middle so that I can use that PP again for cards maybe.

I used it anyway, and along the way I kept on telling myself it will be even prettier with my photos and memories on it. Everything is from the Scrapbook Daisies kit except the black Making Memories journal pad.

Happy Tuesday! And thanks in advance for all your blog love!

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