Celebrate mini-album

Auntie J already post up the after photos of this mini album in her blog here.

Okay, here is one mini that I did, first time ever for a friend’s new baby. These are all the before photos of the album, as for the after album look complete with cute photos of the baby and those precious moment, you’ll have to bug Auntie J to post up those photos in her blog.

I’m glad I’ve made her this album as it can be a brag book for her and of course hopefully Eli will love it when he grow older.

Yes, this album is a mixture of everything that I’ve in my stash of paper, mostly left over from monthly kits and some are those that I save for special layout and they ended up in this mini-album.
One thing, I wish I can have those photos ready before I together this album, it would help me a lot in arranging it plus putting those embellishment in the right place.

So, go over to bug Auntie J and you sure can see little Eli in her site. *wink* I must warn you though, you might just fall in love with this little guy.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate mini-album

  1. Aunty J says:

    I sooo love the album FM!! Thank you so much and it looks even great after u hv put in the photos…will be posting it up in my blog soon ya…have to take pics first ;p


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