Yes, I’m still here.. It is almost 11pm now.  Another house will be mid-night, I’m suppose to be in bed dreaming away considering that I haven’t have enough sleep for the whole week. Partly due to some housework that I need to do, partly due to getting online with hubby and surfing, partly also due to the fact that I did some craft stuff. Not much, just a card, but I’ve been reading others’ blog. I’ve been checking back the forum in Scrapbook Deals 4U.

One thing that used up most of my time is to read others’ blog. Sometimes I skip and just look at their craft work. Today I feel more like reading others’ real story instead of just craft. Other day I just look for inspiration on a layout.

Yes, It is weekend now. That means we all can sleep a bit late. The boys were even just fallen asleep instead of the normal 9pm to be in bed thing. Tonight they play and play in the room. I still heard them less than 5 minutes ago. Now it is completely silent. They must have gone to their dreamland.

Tomorrow hubby will be back. It means I can relax more for he’ll take care of the boys. It also means I might not have time for myself as I would love to spend more time with him. It also means, we can go for movie together! This is what I really looking forward to. “Prince of Persia : Sands of Time” !! On the other hand, it probably also means less scrapping time, he gets a bit jealous of me being in the scraproom “all the time” *LOL*

Okay, back to scrapbook stuff. Scrapbook Deals 4U summer camp rock has just got the 2nd challenge up, that is to use one of PageMaps’ sketch, must use “forever young”, or “young forever” as the title, and must include at least 2 photos. So, peeps, I’m putting my thinking hat on now. But let me get some sleep first.

Goodnight! Or good morning to some 😉

p/s: Oh ya, thank you for leaving messages/comments in my blog, I really love to hear from you all and surely love to hear what you think. So do leave me some love.

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