Full reveal

Okay, since I haven't sent this card out yet and since I'm not sure who to send it to, I'm going to just reveal it anyway, 'cos I might just forgot to reveal it later.
I actually love this card and enjoy looking at it when I got it done. Ha!
oh ya.. I have another thing to share here. It is a bag that I've made for my niece who always got more books or exercise books to carry, so she needed an extra bag and she loves green. So, with some left over scrapbook felt in the autumn theme and a little birdie, I've made this from fabric that I got from the curtain shop:
I've even made a pocket inside:
Well, this look fun and it is easy to make, maybe.. just maybe I'll make two more for the boys.

3 thoughts on “Full reveal

  1. Sylvia says:

    love the green and purple items you have created when i have time will get into scrap booking myself and ask you more at the timekeep up the good work


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