I think I’m crazy

over sewing now.
Ya.. have been checking on online tutorials from bag at first, to tissue holder and now to little girl shirt! Yes, I don’t have a little girl to make that girl shirt for, but hey, I do have a niece, but then she is no longer little. She is tall! Way too tall to get into her father’s shirt. Anyway, it was fun to go through those tutorials and enjoyed those cutie photos.
I’ve gone to get some zips, pins and stuff for my next sewing project which I hope to make a small cutie pouches. I did made a bag by the help of Anna’s tutorial.

Oh ya, have you read about the Scrap a little blog hop yet? Go find out here.

Happy Monday!

One thought on “I think I’m crazy

  1. Deana E says:

    hahaha..welcome to my current world- are u pregnant? i thought my crazinest is due to the pregnancy- check etsy ..i have to stop my finger from clinking the ADD TO CART…hehe


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