I think I’m crazy

over sewing now.
Ya.. have been checking on online tutorials from bag at first, to tissue holder and now to little girl shirt! Yes, I don’t have a little girl to make that girl shirt for, but hey, I do have a niece, but then she is no longer little. She is tall! Way too tall to get into her father’s shirt. Anyway, it was fun to go through those tutorials and enjoyed those cutie photos.
I’ve gone to get some zips, pins and stuff for my next sewing project which I hope to make a small cutie pouches. I did made a bag by the help of Anna’s tutorial.

Oh ya, have you read about the Scrap a little blog hop yet? Go find out here.

Happy Monday!

A few sites that I love

I always love what Dawn did on her site, she always got beautiful cards to share. Just look at her site and you’ll know what I mean. Her cards are neat! I wish I am as creative as her.

Another site that I love to drop by is Lizzy’s Just us. Her site is filled with beautiful photos, uplifting posts and inspiring layout.

To bring me back to simplicity and story telling, I love to read about Ali’s blog. She has been posting about her beautiful children and work with Big Picture Scrapbooking in giving out lots of classes about scrapbooking. To me, I always look out for free classes *grin*.


shss.. I have been blogging all the while that I could, no matter where. Even if I was out from my office in another state, in a new environment, I tried to log in and update my blog. I did that when I was over in Kuching, taking the opportunity of their public services with free access to the internet during free time, and also enjoying the 15 minutes compliment surfing time in Hilton.

My colleague who went with me during that trip took a picture of me while I was working or rather blogging and I’ve scrap that photo together with information on the blogs that I’m maintaining.

Partly inspired by Project scrap-away in Scrap-n-Crop on their black and white challenge, I’ve decided to use my B&W PP. I’ve also saw this great layout in 2peas by Laura Vegas that is just so inspiring and I’ve decided to scraplift the layout. I will probably do another layout following just like hers again as I do have the patter papers that she is using in her “hapiness” layout.

I know the title spelled wrongly, but I’ve run out of letter g, and it does look at bragin’ huh? Which probably is what I’ve been doing all this while online. *grin*

The tags are from HOTP monthly kit and errow from Maya Road, not sure what brand is the B&W pp, the rest are from HOTP.

View from my window

A friend has been asking me about posting photos that I’ve taken during my last trip to China, especially the look from my window. So here goes..
It was taken at end of last year during sun set.
The building on the right, which is an apartment with shoplot downstairs, only took a year to complete and people already moved in to do business and living there! Compare to those that we have here.. well.. it seems to take ages to complete.
As seen on the photos, the air quality is not that good. It is not foggy, it is just haze.. meaning air pollution. Further down to the front is where Hong Kong suppose to be but can’t see the island from these photos.
The place is actually very dusty so sometimes I still need to mop the floor even after the cleaning lady had already done so. Normally I would keep the windows closed, one is to keep away the dust and another is to keep my children from falling out of it.
Well.. being there is not easy as I have to keep watch them all the time. What more in a foreign country with 1 child policy. When we walk on the street, people will start staring at us especially when seeing me with two kids, some more they are boys. As we all know some Chinese prefer to have boys instead of girls, sad but still true.

New opportunity

Well.. since I’m still consider myself a newbie in scrapbooking, I consider myself a newbie in blogging too, especially when coming down to talk about earning by blogging. I have no clue at all when I first started this blog. It was just out of fun and also to use it as a tool to remind myself about my daily life with my kids and hoping to improve as a mother, you know the kind that is loving enough not to spank them 😀 but I guess I’ll still need to work on that.
Talking about earning by blogging, I just recently signed up with payperpost after finding it out from a an ex-colleague who had been very helpful in guiding me.

I’m already start dreaming on what will I do with all the money that I earn!! Yupe.. day dreaming now.. let me see.. first.. I’ll get myself more scrapbooking things of course!! Secondly.. will get myself a spa or massage treatment .. well the list can go on.
Let’s talk about what I want to get for my scrapbooking. What I’m lacking now is more papers, include cardstock and pattern papers, next is album, the next are the tools in cutting such as oval shape, paper puncher, paper trimmer, again the list can go on..

I’m already telling friends and family about blogging same like I’m telling them about scrapbooking and the fun that I’m having. I’m getting my niece to be interested in blogging just so that it can help her out in her study, ya.. study.. I mean, if she can earn by blogging, this would help her out in paying her school fees and in a way will improve her writing skills. At the same time, asking her help to introduce my site to her friends.
So, folks, get into the mood of scrapping and also blogging!