Pox attack

Started in doing this layout days ago and only managed to get it done yesterday. To me the hardest part is to fill the empty space which I did with swirl stamps.

Another thing is to include 3 photos in this layout and I’ve hide away one photo behind the right photo. Now, there were all 3 of them who got the Chicken pox, both my boys and my hubby. The worst one is my hubby whose face is still filled with spots. These happened in June and July.

“First, it was Calvin who got the bugs, then Mervin, then KF, who got it real bad. The boys just had slight fever but not KF. there were spots on their faces and bodies but not as bad as DF’s. they were happy to stay home and put on Calamine lotion, but not KF. Thanks God that it wasn’t H1N1 and that KF was home when it started to get bad. – 2009”
Products used: Prima Moda Collection PP and Build-A-Swirl stamp, American Craft Fashion Accent and felt letter stickers, Making Memories Paparie journal pad, My Little Shoe Box letter stickers. All these from Scrapbook Deals 4U kit.

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