Project 365

I’ve just realize that my Day number and Date are not tally, so I’ve made some changes to make them right. Here goes for the recent ones:

Day 102

12th April (Sunday): Easter Sunday. Went to church. Cal has been extra goody today sitting with Aunt Rebecca while Mer never stop disturbing me. We went for breakfast then had some photo time. After that spend some time in Rebecca’s home before heading home and met them again in the evening. Love this photo as it shows how goofy and cheeky they are.

Day 101

11th April (Saturday): The boys will take any chance to go to the farm, have an outing by themselves whenever they see that their grandma is in the field. Here they had to quickly come back in the house as it was drizzling. I love this photo as it reminds me of Dipak (eldest brother).

Day 100

10th April (Friday): Good Friday holiday. Big sis managed to bring the boys to the farm and then to the river. They had a great time there. Like usual, they wanted to stay there till dawn if possible.

Day 97-99
[no photo]
7th April (Tuesday) – 9th April (Thursday): It has been those hectic days trying to catch up with work and also trying to get the boy back to their normal routine. Getting them into bed is one big challenge every night. They’ll try to drag on, talk, play or ask for food.

Day 96

6th April (Monday): Late for work. Anyway, I managed to catch the boys with granny watching TV. Normally from 7-8pm, that is their cartoon hour while we have our dinner. Any change of channel will trigger their anger.

Day 95

5th April (Sunday): Before we headed off to the airport, the boys took those last hours going through those toys again while their cousins were away to cemetery. They had some great fun in the air-port too. Going through a maze to get their stamps and finally got a magnet sticker each. But on the way to the plane, Mer lost it somewhere when he fall asleep. Fortunately they were quite ok on the plane. Save journey home! Once arrived home, didn’t manage to sleep till late at night for unpacking and preparing for the next day to work and school.

Day 94

4th April (Saturday): When down to Hong Kong after our late breakfast. The boys had been waiting for this day to get to HK. One thing for sure is they love those toys in aunt’s place, what more with their cousins to play with.

Day 93

3rd April (Friday): A day out with the boys to WalMart through the park, but we missed the junction and had to turn back. Thank God we manage to find it later after asking a passerby. Love taking their pictures in the open space.

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