Project 365

Goodness, I’ve been way behind my project 365 posting. I’m suppose to post up the article once everyday, or at least once a week, but look what I’ve now, stopped from day 65 (March 8th) till 88 (yesterday)!! Let me just rewind back my memory.
I’m actually thinking if I should move all these postings about project 365 to another blog…

Day 89
March 30th (Monday): 2nd day here over in Shenzhen. Not really a good night for all of us. Trying to write off this from my memory.

Day 88

March 29th (Sunday): The boys always wanted to push the lift buttons. Here they were being so loving together while waiting for the lift.

Day 87

March 28th (Saturday): On the bus in Shenzhen airport after landing. Pretty tiring flight with these boys, they were ever so active and noisy. Went out for dinner that night as a family. I wasn’t pretty excited about the trip. Maybe would feel different if I were alone. But then what is a family trip without the boys?

Day 86

March 27th (Friday): Last day at school before going to China. Mer took the time to do some drawing before getting on the car to school.

Day 85

March 26th (Thursday): Breakfast with bunny. Cal took out the “mee sedap” and wanted it for breakfast.

Day 84
[no picture]
March 25th

Day 83

March 24th (Tuesday): Mer already starting to have homework from school. He is a perfectionist. He wanted his words to be written perfectly on the dot. He got frustrated if he doesn’t.

Day 82
[no picture]
March 23rd (Monday)

Day 81

March 22nd (Sunday): Went to bed late after doing some a scrapbook page. Feel a bit left out if I didn’t create for the day. It is actually my escape, how I whine down, how I just sit and really be with myself, how I think back on the day or those incidence that had happened, how I wanted to preserve my memories. I just love to be able to create.

Day 78-80

March 19th-21st (Thursday – Saturday): Kudat and Banggi trip. Went to Kudat to have our MBJ meeting, stayed in Marina resort and went to Banggi the next day by Ferry. Got a chance to experience the local karaoke session and the enjoyed the sea breeze. Hot and humid place. Saw the water snake going and coming back from the sea. Were in the same car with JK and Wong. Another good chance to get to know my colleagues.

Day 77

March 18th (Wednesday): Back to KK on the 2pm’s flight from KLIA. Got ourselves a treat from MAS airline as we were being served Haagen-Dazs and Ferrero Rocher free! We were in a bigger plane too.

Day 75 – 76

Mary 16th (Monday): Off to Malacca for a learning trip together with Mary, Yapp, Sebastian and Chong. Went a day earlier, so we got time to go around some historical sites of Malacca. Stayed in Renaissance Melaka. Actually the best time to get to know my colleagues.
March 17th (Tuesday): Went to our study tour in Melaka State Library. After doing that we went up to Kuala Lumpur but drop by at Valerie’s shop in Kajang and got myself some scrapbook stuff. Stayed in Royal Bintang that night.

Day 74

March 15th (Sunday): Went to church and dropped off in City Mall. The boys had some fun on the amusement shop. As for myself, I went back to get the book “Confession of a shopaholic”.

Day 73

March 14th (Saturday): Went to the gym in Sutera again while the boys do some coloring and running in the Kiddies Club. They are pretty easy to make new friends.

Day 72
March 13(Friday): Went to stay a night in Rebecca’s place as both of them were outstation leaving the kids with the maid. Me and the boys went over just to accompanied the kids and let them had some time together.

Day 71
March 12th (Thursday)

Day 70

March 11th Wednesday: Managed to snap some photos of Cal going on to his school. Was actually there ‘cos he brought a book to school that the teacher had confiscated. My boys is growing so fast!

Day 69

March 10th (Tuesday): This photo actually belongs to yesterday when Rebecca and family were over to mom’s place. Here, Cal looking on Chiam while she did a bit of coloring / tracing. Cal loves to draw actually. While Mer and Rody were on the bike.

Day 68

March 9th (Monday): It is a holiday today, I managed to have some time over in Sutera using the gym while the boys had a go with painting pottery in the Kiddies Club. Well, they didn’t do that while I was over in the gym, rather they wait till I’m with them then only they started off with the painting. Will sure do that again, but maybe change to just coloring.

Day 67
[No Picture]

March 8th (Sun): Like always the boys get to play with their cousins.

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