Day 63
March 4th: Went to have a self portrait taken in City Mall, just to keep them for memory and for a layout about myself. (note: layout in the previous posting)

Day 61 – Day 62

[no photo]

March 2nd – 3th: Been busy running some errant for Fui and myself. Ever once that left the car key in the car that I’m using, so Fui can’t fetch Cal from school. I had to go home all the way from work to fetch Cal and have lunch at in-laws’ place. Went back to mom’s place on 4th.

Day 60

March 1st: Went to Gaya Street after church and blood test in the morning. The boys are super excited about all those small creatures that they saw there.

Goodness, I’ve not been keeping track for this project, I think I’ve missed out more days that before without photo!