Project 365

Creating Keepsakes has been featuring their Project 365 since December 2008 and it has drawn a lot of attention and anticipated buyers into their website waiting for the kit to come out on January this year. It turns out that there were so many buyers that they have run out of the kit and their site was even facing loading problem!

I am one of the viewer and also anticipated buyer who didn’t manage to get the monthly kit but I still wanted to give this project a try. I know I don’t have a habit of taking photo everyday and I don’t bring my camera every where I go, let alone taking photos in some unexpected timing.

I love their kit, it is super beautiful and it looks super easy to put them up in the album. I just wish that I can get the kit soon and started to slotting in photos and journaling card.

I’ve another plan is to copy their style in making the project, so even if I really can’t get the kit, I can still get on with the project. I’ve already got photos from day 1 except day 4 which we were traveling back from China. Going to think of away to fill that one in.

Here are for day 5 and 6 for 2009:

Jornal: Cal has been so happy to have his activity book which require him to cut and paste things cut from it to make some paper toys. He absolutely love that book.

Journal: As for Mer, he is glad to be home with Grandma and he has learn how to eat fruits that have small nuts that require him to spit them out.

Jornal: This morning Mer was sleeping on the way to school in the car. They have been having some late night and he was singing 10 little Indian-boy last night before bedtime.

I wanted also to try on Simple Scrapbook’s way of doing an album within 4 hours by having 40 photos in a 6″x6″ album completed with pattern paper and embellishments. I’ve already got my photos ready, now I just need a 6″x6″ album. Finger crossed that I can get it down in two nights.

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