Did one (no, actually two) layout and a card for some more online challenges. It is really a good way to get my scrapping and also get me started with a page.
This is my first try out to use sewing machine on a layout! Look at the border, first I did that by drawing a line and poking holes on it, but then later I’ve decided to really sew on it. I purposely made the lines not straight *grin*

This is little Mer so engross in playing withe magnetic drawing board over in my sister’s place in Hong Kong. He can do that for quite a long time, maybe half an hour, without distraction!

Here is a card that have circle theme and can see bit of the inside. A very simple card to me.

Here is the 2nd layout:

which is for a jounaling challenge over in SoCalScrap, scraplifted from Scrapbooks.etc magazine.


I’m so lazy to write today. Tomorrow we’ll have a holiday over in our state, so I’m actually in holiday mood now.