I know.. I’m using back Pamela’s sketch for this layout again. It is just so easy to put on a collage of photos and it is just so happened that I’ve developed some in smaller prints for my son, so here it is, Cal over the years. He didn’t smile a lot as a baby, normally the one who teast him laugh instead of getting him to smile. To me he is also lacking of hugs from me, since he was just over one, I was having my 2nd son and thus I seldom hug or carry him around. Poor little boy. Sometimes I wonder if he would behave better if I didn’t have my 2nd son that early…

Jornal: Looking at these snapshot remind me how you’ve grown, how time flies, how many hugs that you need to show those smiles, how much love to get those confident and how much care for you to be strong. Somehow, I wish time stand still during these snapshot.
Jornal on: 12 Sept 2008″

I’ve used: Jenni Bowlin edge cardstock, Dream street PP, Rose Moka small alpha sticker, Maya Road star chipboard, Basic Grey letter sticker and another type of font die-cut (didn’t get the name).

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