My belated kit

I was so happy yesterday after receiving my long waited August kit from Coconut scrapbooking. Goodness, it was a month later and now I’m using my August kit in September! All thanks to the post system in Malaysia I suppose. I don’t blame the mail system in US as I know they are much efficient than us over here. Anyway, enough of the beefing session. I have fun using it last night, and have created 2 layouts in one night! The proudest part is, I only used up 2 pattern paper!! But of course with some embellishement that came together in the kit, plus my forever helpful American Craft chipboard letter thicker! *grin*

These two photos are my long overdue pieces that I should be doing long ago, but I only found them a few days ago in a bag that hidden behind my table, well.. ya, I’m not a so organised person. Am glad I’ve found them and am glad that the kit came this time, else I would have used the kit on other photos.

There, my precious little Mer, just a few weeks old. He was even having a little smirk while sleeping!! It is a tiny baby at 2.5kg. Now he is one head shorter than little Cal.

I love doing embossing now even since I got my heating tool. So I did some embossing on the lace cardstock. I’ve used some bling on the owl body too. As I’ve run out of “S”, I replace it with a “5” instead. A very simple, unclutter layout.

Really, I’ve just used up 2 pattern papper for these two layout, plus a bit of the lace cardstock, I only used 4 raws of the lace cardstock, I’ve trim them out from those underneath the photo to make up for the 2nd layout *grin* (Stingy me huh?)

Hope to do more with the Rose Moka paper.

Oh, I’ve another happy news, I’ve won 2 scrapbook magazine from an online challenge!! This is the layout that I’ve won: Spec: silly look


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