From the far away land

I couldn’t believe it, I can totally access my blogspot account here in China!! First time ever! It was used to be blocked here. I used to use my google document viewer and reader to access it. But I still can’t access typepad .. *sigh*

Buoy oh buoy, so now I can show you what I did for my sis in Hong Kong which she doesn’t really know how to appreciate it, a bit sad to say so. She just couldn’t get started with her scrapbooking kit, so the minibook that I’ve made her doesn’t really serve its purpose now, there is still no photo inside!

Anyway, I just wanted to record down here what I’ve done.

This is the back and front cover:

This is the inside pages with some ready stamped tags for my sis to write something on them and adhere in the minibook:

The inner pages fanned out:

The other side of the inner pages fanned out:

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