CD Minibook

Yay!! I’m so proud of myself ‘cos I’ve follow the instructions from Scrappy Grace on what she taught on last Friday online over SoCalScrap: Friday CD Minibook Class – Hostess Scrappy Grace (8PM PST). And I’ve made myself a CD minibook call “All about me”.
I’m also very glad that I bought those “Friends” sticker from SoCalScrap on my first order long time ago. Now I get to use them!

This minibook is actually can be a very good gift, I think I’m going to make another friend for my sister to put some of her favourite photos of her family. Let see if I’m hard working enough. *grin*

I was actually trying to use up some of my left over scrap, but still I had to cut some from fresh PP.

This is the back and front cover:

This is how it looks like when the CD case is open: (I did some embossing on the swirl)

This is how it looks like on back of front cover and the inner pages when fanned out:

This is the back of the fanned out inner pages:

What I’ve used: HOTP magic mess, PP from American craft, Scenic road, Stamps from HOTP and Urban Lily, letter sticker from Making Memories, stickers for friends theme from SoCalScrap and a stripe of left over clothes from my last project.

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