After the glue, came..

I just can’t wait, so what I did was to get down to Wisma Merdeka, Jeannette Craft shop to get my glue, but they only have liquid glue pen and way more expensive than Scrap-n-Crop (from USD3 something to RM24 in their place!) Anyway, I was desperate and dumb me, I got two! One fine tip and the other middle tip. Ok, I got something else with that also – fabric gel pants, which dried up in solid form. I haven’t play with them yet. Hopefully they work well on chipboard.
So I’ve been working last night, finished one layout and left one that need journaling. I’ve also done 2 layout days ago that need journaling.

The one above is using Coconut Scrapshop July Kit. I’ve only used 2 double sided PP from the kit with some buttons and flowers, a tag and chipboard letter. Layout inspired by the sketch that came along in the kit.
Journal: The boys enjoy anything cold with ice, but Mer doesn’t like ice-cream as much as Cal, he just loves his cup of ice lemon tea from mommy. Cal loves his cup of strawberry ice-cream, and they both happily pose for the camera.
McDonald, 1Borneo, 12 July 2008

The one above is done days ago with lots of colors, which I think maybe a bit too much.

Journal: The boys were doing summersault when they saw the colorful mate in the library children’s area. After a few unsuccessful tried, they discovered that the mate has mismatch color which they insisted to change and beautified. They had so much fun. Library HQ, Luyang. 5 July 2008 This is a scraplift or rather a copy, ‘cos I’ve used almost everything same pp from the original layout of Laura Vegas. The round embellishment is actually from a broken bracellet. I’ve written about this in another blog here.
Journal: A not so usual morning of Sunday spent with family. Cal loves his mushroom soup with garlic bread and finished his Spaghetti, rewarded with ice-cream. Half way eating, Mer prepared the space for himself to sleep and we get to enjoyed some quiet time. After that was a stroll in City Mall trying to check out the kids shops and got my photos processed.
The Hut, City Mall. 13 July 2008

I’ve used Coconut Scrapshop July kit for this as well. Got the title from Cal’s shirt and layout sketch from Zest blog July layout sketch. This is another layout that only used 2 double sided pattern papper from the kit. Made the embellishment by using felt and buttons.
Journal: Respect is what you need to earn, and what you need to learn.
Cal at almost five. 12 July 2008


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