What I’m dying to have now

I’m so excited and yet so sad.. ‘cos I’ve got my Coconut Scrapbooking July kit and I’ve run out of glue!!
First, I finished up my Herma glue tap, then I used my glue stick, then I finished that also! Now I only got end of the glue stick which I need to dig out using my cutting knife!
I wanted to order quick, but there just not enough fund in my paypal at the moment for me to do my order from Scrap-n-Crop (its the fastest as it is from KL). I wanted to buy some other things together with my glue, else it is a waste of the shipping charge.
Another exciting thing is that I’ve just got my Creating Keepsakes August issue. So I suppose I’ll just have to do lots of reading before getting my glue and before I can play with the July kit.
The kit has got so many fun things inside, chipboard lettering, stars and album, buttons, lots of Scenic Road Liberty line, flowers and a star stamp! Now I just have to get the glue quick!

2 thoughts on “What I’m dying to have now

  1. Shyra says:

    Hi Hannie! Wow, how come u already have CK’s August issue? Did u subscribe to it? I want that too!! So jealous la.. (though i just bought scrapbooks etc & simple scrapbooks yesterday, still untouched! haha! so greedy kan? :p )ur really fast at scrapping! keep it up babe! take care! =)


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