split.. shall I?

I’m moving.. emm.. not exactly.. I should say I’m splitting.. emm.. is this the right word? I mean I’m having another blog .. splitting from this one, so that this will entirely be my scrapbooking blog.. probably not entirely.. probably the mix of two … but this blog has been more about scrapbooking than about life.. about reminding myself how gladeful I should be with my life.. having 2 boys.. having a family and friends.. but then again.. scrapbooking is doing that too. When I scrap, I constantly reminded about how gladful I am on my life, on my daily living.
However.. above all these, I still think I should have a blog entirely talking about scrapbooking. Maybe I’ll just start another blog now.. and decide later, see how it turns out later.. what do you think? Shall I?

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