Online Shopping

I think I’m addicted to online shopping. I like to see what is in my cart, calculated it before I check out and checking back with my credit card to see if they have charged and then waiting for it to come in my mail box.
I like browsing using my PC especially when the connection is fast, I save the hassle of queuing in line when doing payment, I save the hassle of asking about things that I want, I just need to do a quick search in the site concern and wuala!
Remember I’ve mentioned that I got special offer to be the first online customer of a shop in Brunei? (posted in Dec 2007) I paid through TT and it actually cost a lot for doing, the bank charge RM25 just because it is a foreign bank account!
Yupe, the site that I went to doesn’t accept credit card for payment on their website so it actually shows down the payment process and also choosing process when I’m shopping, however, mainly it is because their site is not meant for online shopping. So, how nice if they have a Merchant account with this company call A + merchant services who is a provider of merchant account and also provide Visa & MasterCard payment solutions.
Other than that, I would look for sites that are secure which doesn’t provide my personal information to any other people.
Well… let me see what is in my cart now…

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