My Scraproom

This morning my handphone is coordinating with me, it lets me upload photos into my PC.. buoy it was so hard to get it work huh… I wonder what is wrong with it..
anyway, I just wanna show some pictures of the scraproom that I have been talking about. Don’t expect very nice picture with nice decoration of the whole room, it is just a table that I’m working on, so basically nothing much to show.. but I’m excited cos I can treat that room as my own scraproom!! 😀
Just remember, it is a very old house (more than 30 year), so don’t expect to see cement wall here.. 😀

You can see my Creative Memories cutter (the blue one) and also CM’s album which is being open up. The other colourful album is my magnetic album which I need to pull out all the photos from. I kept all my ribbons inside the little food container stack up at the back there. Maybe I’ll move my ribbons into a box later..
Here is another photo showing the little box that I got from Signature which is meant for putting medicine, I’ve used it to put all my little brads.

What is not showing here are those papers that I’ve, not many so far, not even an inch thick. Another things is the cutting made (covered by the CM album).
Those are my little things that I’m having now.. hope to build up the collection especially stamps.

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