Guess what I found?

Ya.. can u imagine that I get a very old insurance cover note in my late-grandpa’s drawer last Saturday when I was clearing up his room.. I wanted to have a scrap-room space for myself, so what I can do is to convert that room into one that I can work with without the mosquito disturbing me. While I run through those left over things that my Aunts didn’t throw away, I found a cover note dated back to 1971! Sum assured, RM5K. I’m sure at that time, it was a very big amount and I thought to myself.. wow.. grandpa was really modern, ‘cos at those time, there weren’t many that would buy insurance or even know about insurance . And the nominee was my late grandma. It wasn’t the kind of cover note we see now a days, it is folded up into a long slip of maybe 10″x4″. I was also surprise to find that it was in English… now.. my grandpa doesn’t know English, so who could be the one who introduce insurance to him? I think that will be the mystery for my life.
During those time, not only that my grandpa doesn’t know how to read English, there wasn’t even computer available for him. Now we can just go online to get our insurance quotes and get ourselves an online insurance policy! I know one that offer such a service: Advantage term life.
Another mystery for me (maybe will solve it later) is that it is a life insurance that my grandpa bought.. so who could be the one who have claimed it?
Talking about insurance, I myself got my first one ‘cos I’m fed up with the insurance agent who was so persistent for me to get a life insurance from her, and I didn’t regret it and am glad that she persisted that time. I think we all need at least one life insurance just so that when we passed away, our love ones won’t need to worry about funeral money .. ya.. I know.. some people doesn’t like to talk about this. But what about properties, you’ll definitely need insurance cover for that.. just imagine if you are half way paying the property and something happen, if you don’t have insurance cover for it.. non of ur love ones get to inherit that property that you might have been paying for over 20 years!

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