My phone’s camera

Yay! I finally can show some photos here by using my hand phone. After I’ve been using the digital camera, I’ve totally forgotten that my phone also got that function. So here it goes.
I’ve taken some photos of my newly made scrapbooking pages and hoping that my phone has no problem in connecting to my PC.
I’ve done two pages which used old photos of the two boys.

Ribbon is from Paperwishes monthly kit. The tags embellishment are also from paperwishes.

When doing this page, I just wanted the pattern paper to point at the photo that I like most, that’s why I position it this way, and since I’ve got my corner rounder which can do scallop edges, so I used it and also later punched holes using the eyelet setter set from making memories.

The photos shown here are actually years ago when Cal’s cousin came back for a visit during Chinese New Year. That two boys actually weren’t talking in the same language, one in Mandarin and the other in Cantonese, yet they play together with no problem at all!

Another page which I just did it last Sunday. When I look at the photo at first, I only saw the ugly things in the picture, that bathroom, so old and look so dirty. So I’ve been keeping this photo for quite some times, not sure that if I’ll really scrap it. But now, it is different, I saw his lighted up face who really enjoyed his bath that time, so doesn’t matter where or how old the place is, kids’ joy are just pure and simple.

The wording is actually vinyl from American Craft. Love it cos it is a bit thick but not so. The star is from pattern paper also from American Craft. All the other papers are brought from two peas shop.

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