Your best time

Journal: You always got lots of questions right at bed time while I wanted you to sleep. You always said you just want to talk to me and ask me stuff. Big Yi-Yi said you are bullying me, but you are actually trying to share with me, ‘cos this is your best time to have mommy listen to you and answer you. Your best time right before bed time.

Actually I felt a bit guilty on this as I always chase my sons to sleep but instead they always wanted to have more time with mommy, especially my 2nd son. It is the time that he really relax and thought of many things to ask and share with me.

The page is inspired by Pamela’s sketch 142 and am using Color Me Daisy March kit, plus Making Memories journal pad, plus those cute little butterflies sent by Suzanne over at SoCalScrap, thanks Suzanne!

Even when..

I must be crazy about scrapbooking, even when I away from home in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am still able to buy something scrapbook related. I’ve got myself some lace!! Will surely make something out from it. At the mean time, I’m not able to load any photos from this public terminal available through the hotel.

ART RETREAT with Rachel Greig

Yupe, there is going to be an Art Retreat with Rachel Greig over in Scrap-n-Crop 15-16 May 2009! The good news is you might just get it for FREE!!!

You get what I mean? FREE classes!!

Check this out, all you need to do is to blog or post about it:

Read more about it here.

Well, If you win, do let me know. I’m not really looking to get a free class here as I’m staying almost 3 hours away by plan from the event, so I’ve dropped the idea.

Wish you all luck!!

LO and a card

This was done last night and the night before using bits and pieces from here and there.

I might not be able to get online for a week here, will be away to China tomorrow. Will see how.

Thanks for dropping by.

Double page

Here, a double page loaded with 13 photos. The photos’ size are just a little bit smaller than 3R. So Dena, here is for you *wink*.

Have used Making Memories journal pad, Kaiser roller stamp, feathers, flowers and buttons from Color Me Daisy March kit.

Sorry for the glare and maybe a bit gloomy photos which by the way taken inside my office.

Back to being creative

Did the layout above on Sunday night, just had to use those stuff that I got from Scrap-n-Crop recently. Aren’t you just love those essential 5 flowers? I love them! And Val, I’ve used those swirls stamps! *Grin* Oh.. and the MM journal pack, they are just so easy to use.

This is another layout done with Color Me Daisy February monthly kit. The only thing not from the kit is the journal paper from MM. Uh.. and I did a bit of sewing on these two layout in the middle of the night!

I was actually thinking to use the song title “I love your smile” on my 2nd layout…

Buoy I’m so glad I’m home.

Long pause

How many days has past? Hmm.. I have had a tiring trip, not one but two. I went to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur from Monday till Wednesday, then to Kudat and Banggi Island from Thursday till today. First one is 100% learning trip, as for the 2nd, it is more like a community service trip after our meeting in Kudat. Will share more in my other site – Glad2bhere.

As for now, I wanted so much to share what I’ve done before going for the Malacca trip and on Wednesday night, but I forgot my camera’s USB cable. I’ve actually took some time to visit Valerie over in Scrap-n-crop, got myself some scrapbook stuff from her store. So glad to have finally met her face to face! Thanks for her sister Penny, I get to browse the shop earlier before Val arrived from work.

There were just too many beautiful things in there, I have to remind myself not to get any pattern paper, I’ll just have to wait for my monthly kit from Color Me Daisy and Scrapbook Deals 4 you. Still I’ve got some “essential” things like glue dot, chalk marker and stamp set.

While we were over in Kuala Lumpur, I didn’t do much shopping. There were still some sales going on, lots of Girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing and for adults too. But I wasn’t into getting any clothes for now, so I’ve just got myself some undies. Will do the shopping during my next trip to China if possible.

Signing off now, will update again next week.

Some great sites

Phew.. I’m discovering more and more new sites about scrapbooking, stores and online challenges sites! Can I really take these all in? There are so much going on. There are weekly challenges which shown very interesting layout and sketches, or scheme.

These are a few sites that I discovered today by some other people’s references:

Creative Scrappers
Dream girls challenge site
Beary Box
Your scrap stash
Scrap schemes

All these sites offer either of these: gallery, shop, forum with challenges, blog with updates. Need to keep this list with me in case I forgot, or probably I’ll put them up on my site bar.


Did a lantern by corrugated board last night with the instructions from Scrappin Kids‘ online tutorial. Absolutely thankful for that, else I won’t have learn how to do the lantern show below. I don’t like the cutting part though ‘cos I’m using raw corrugated board from a big box and it is thick! I love the embellishment part where I get to decorate it as how I like. I’ve used part of the kits from ColorMeDaisy for this.

This is how it looks like when hang up:
I’ve only used 4 photos for this project, two of them which I wasn’t sure where to put in my album and two are newly taken during Chinese New Year. I think I’m going to use the picture above again for a layout, will see.

Didn’t use much embellishment on this project. I’ve just used up 2 pattern paper, some rub-on, some transparent tag from HOTP, flowers from Prima, eyelet from Making Memories and ribbon from Stamper corner.

Years ago..

Can’t believe what I found last night, something that I’ve totally forgotten about, something that I did during my senior high school years on Art Club, something that needed patient.

Yupe, I did those. Wonder if I’m able to do that again with my craft knife.