Yes, Change – the inevitable thing which is certain to happen and unavoidable.

Yes, Change is one thing which is constant. Nothing in this world that doesn’t change.

Growth, moving forward or the other way round, both are changes.

One shouldn’t be afraid to change but do be very careful if you stay constant without growth without moving forward, without improvement. That would be very sad.

However we all are afraid of changes, afraid of new things, things that we are not familiar with, things that are uncertain. We just worry too much, ‘cos no matter what change does happen, be it we worry or not.

Why not we visualize change in a good way, change for the better. Change for improvement, change for growth, to be in a higher level.

Whatever it is, take it without judging, without assuming everything is going to be bad or good, it is just unavoidable. Why  not make the most of the situation, learn, improve and make it better. Stop dwelling in the past. Live. Now. This moment.


Have a great week!