Sewing pouches

Hello for a new week.

Have been pinning recently and have searched for fabric over the net as I’ve mentioned in my previous post. So here is what I’ve done with the fabric and also one that is in my stash.

First I found a nice pin in the Pinterest board which brought me to Eat Craft Sow page with the pattern and tutorial.

I found the idea of bringing my hand-phone and card useful whenever I wanted to step out from my office for a while which I gonna need my hand-phone and the staff card for access to other levels.

And since I can’t wait to do something with my newly received fabric, I’ve started sewing.

Here is the first one which turn out to be a bit too tight with my Samsung S3 which I have a bulky casing. So I’ve made another one with the newly brought fabric. I also wanted to be sure that I’m able to make the pouch fully then only to use my new fabric which came in quite a small size.

So, here they are:

Flower patterned pouch with phone and cards flower patterned pouch Nesshome pouchNesshome pouch with phone and cards


It is a pain having to sew thick and hard lining plus flip it over, especially hard for my sewing machine to go through the thick layer of fabric, so I have to make it slow and careful so that it sewing in straight lines. As for the part of the edges, I need to pound it with my craft hammer.

I like it ‘cos it has a handle for my to hang on to my hand while I can hold other things with my both hands.

I’m planning to sew more with the fabric that I have now.


So, what do you think? Good enough?

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