bag oh bag

“Mommy!! How many bags you wanna buy!? You’ve got several at home already!!”

LOL.. that was the respond from my 9-year-old when I said I want to look for bag while we were in Hong Kong.

When I told my sis, she said I should tell him “Mommy is a girl, a girl should have lots of bags..”


Bags oh bags, how could a lady live without thee!

Haha.. till now I’m still looking for my perfect bag for that perfect occasion, one that at times can fit in everything that I need, another for just those time where I am wearing my red shoes, one with my casual weekend wear, one for work, one with a serious color, one which I can put over the shoulder, one that I could just carry on my hand, oh and one that is just nice for dinner, not forgetting one for my little black dress.

Now… how many would that be?!

Just one fit all!?

No way!

I mean how could you bring a bag for work and you bring that for a sofisticated dinner!? That doesn’t fit, doesn’t it?

So handbags at wholesale could really do no harm on my wallet.

Oh ya.. what about that Coach or Prada or Gucci or LV!?

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