Self reminder

What I wanted to remember for now – some self reminder:

  • Slow down. Do one thing at a time. Be there early so I don’t need to rush. Do it well. Read a book from beginning till end. I need to practive this – read a book at a time.
  • Make the house cosy. Get the scraproom organised first. Put away stuff that I don’t need, or even give them away, make room for new and better things. Know what I want and save for it.
  • Listen listen listen.
  • Be there, be now, 100% Means I’ll need to plan ahead and stick to the plan, but do allow for changes and open for changes. Plan less things in a day ‘cos really I only got 24 hours a day.
  • Be kind, be considerate. But first be good to myself. If can’t do, just say no.
  • Plant for flowers, cactus, greens … They are the real eye candy for the eyes and it feels super good to see how they grow.
  • Get a stove grill. Wanna try eating grill up stuff, be it meat or veggie, they seems healthier as well.
  • Do the things I love. And love what I do. Do this as often as possible and remind myself to love what I do.. else.. well.. I can always choose to stop.
  • Visit Pinterest as often and get inspired. There are a lot of good stuff there where I can pin in my walls for reminder.
  • It is going to be a good day if it is not the best day. Tell myself this every day!
  • Get “Real Simple” magazine whenever possible. This magazine is really great, it has a lot of eye candy for organisation at home, space organising, decoration and stuff.


Good reads: Ali Edwards’ Yo Summer

Real Simple

The greates secret to productivity


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