Have you heard of ScanDigital?

They are base in the States and offer to preserve all your memories in digital forms, even online gallery.

You can send them hardcopy of your photos, scarpbook pages or in digital format, which then they’ll help you to transfer them into high quality digital forms in compact disc, DVD or hard-drive. They can even help you to load it in digital display photoframe!

I know most of us just put our photos into albums and albums, pages of scrapbook into huge albums that we stuck it somewhere in the house and never see the light again. Or maybe if they are lucky, they get to display in some part of our house, but how many that we can display?

Now with ScanDigital, you can have your photos display in the digital photoframe which can hold up to 1000 photos!

Now when you order from ScanDigital and key in this code  fmdigitalscan2011 during check out, you’ll get 10% discount on your order. You can use some extra money, right?

Start preparing and maybe you can use this as a gift to someone special as Christmas gifts!

Have fun! Don’t forget to key in the discount code: fmdigitalscan2011

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