Hello, how are you all doing? It is already July! Half the year has already gone!!! So fast huh!? It seems that this year I haven’t scrap that much compare to last year. I kind of slowing down and the question keeps prompting me is: “How I want to preserve my photos and memories.”
I’ve been joining lots of challenges last year and that is still one of the way for me to get my photos scrap in a layout.
This month, over at Scrap-it-lah, we have a challenge for you,The challenge is:
  1. Use at least 5 photos in one layout which means the layout must be multi-pics. There must be 5 visible photos in it
  2. Photos must be a mixture of black and white and coloured photos please
  3. There should be visible journalling on the layout.
It is pretty challenging for me consider that I haven’t been taking photos recently and I’ve developed all my photos in colors! 
So, what I did this time is to gather 5 photos from 5 different time and places for this layout:

I’ve made more folded flowers, other than using those ready made ones.

Also, I’ve used doilies in the layout, which is really cheap if you get it from shops selling bakery stuff. It is also a great way to soften the look of the page.

So? What are you waiting for? Join in the fun this month and get yourself a chance to get a RAK from Scrap-it-lah!