Hi peeps, how are you all doing? Have you all joined in the fun lift in Scrapbook Daisies yet? You still have about a week time to do so.

I’ve been away for a few days for some official duties over in another city – Kuala Lumpur and when I got back, I’ve almost 200 mails to read, 200 blog posts to follow and 8 assignments to be done in my other blog. Phew! I wonder what will happen if I have no internet access for one month!?

I guess I’ll be missing a lot! First of course is my craft time. However, I did manage to get into a craft store(Craft Heaven) in KL and bought myself a Stazon ink pad, a gold color Tattered Angel mist, a Dew Drop chocolate ink pad and foam stickers. Yes, that’s all I got for myself, ‘cos there isn’t much choice in the store. How I wish there is a store as big as Two Peas over here, I think I’ll haul things!

Another thing is, though the store hasn’t got lots and lots of stuff, but it does have some cute paper which I refrain myself in buying ‘cos I still have a few kits that haven’t really been used up yet! What more I know that Martha in Scrapbook Daisies will sure get us some nice kit every month, so I can stop buying any other pattern paper. And I’m not good in matching embellishments anyway.

So, ya.. that’s all I got from Craft Heaven.

Now, about where I stayed.

I’ve been staying in Hotel Istana in Kuala Lumpur. I love its bathroom! And I’ve got myself the round mirror in the hotel, not exactly with the same mechanism but at least I’ve got it now and would love to get it install in my bathroom.

Here is a pic that I’ve taken inside the bathroom, a reflection from the mirror of course.

Took this when I’ve just checked in the hotel, see the round mirror on the left?
That’s it for now, no craft done yet. I hope you all are having a great time.