What I have learned

I love what Ali wrote in her blog post today. I love how I can relate to her, totally and am glad that she put all those thoughts and wonders that I've been having into words.

I am glad that after reading her post, I don't feel that much of feeling alone, for there are doubts in me thinking that I might be the only person that is facing such difficulties right now. Now I know that it is totally normal and okay for where I am and who I am. Even on how I handle things. IT IS OK.
I'm also inspired to have a clear core value on which things that are important to me. I love all those quotes that she has in her post. There are also prompts for me to think, action for me to do and ponder, I am glad that I am a follower of her blog.
Hopefully I can also do those things like "reading less about it and doing more about simply living that way", as she has put it in her blog.

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