I think I’m having a melt-down on scrapbooking now, ‘cos I’ve just moved away the scrap table to be our temporary dining table in the new house. Yes, the house doesn’t have a dining table. And now I don’t have a scrapping table over at my mom’s house since we are moving out from there but maybe if the table is still there, I still could do some scrapping when I’m back there, but now, no table.

I have a strange feeling about scrapping too ‘cos I’m in the middle of moving, all things are not done yet. I’m eagerly wanting to decorate my scrap area with tables and chair. Meaning now it is totally empty except the curtain! Most of my stuff are still in my mom’s place. Still I’m trying to make another planner taught by Brenda. So I’ve got my craft knife, some pattern paper and glue with me in my in-laws’ home. My in-laws’ home is actually became our transition lodge.

I hope to move in by 1st January and well… finishing moving all my stuff by end of January. I will just take it slow in moving all those stuff that I have but priority will be given to the daily necessities which include my scrapping stuff *grin*. So, wish me luck!