This fold-out album is inspired by Pamela’s proof mini album, I even copied some of her sentences which I think it is applicable to mine. Thanks Pamela!

I’ve actually been wanting to such a mini album like hers but can’t find the right chipboard album since I don’t want to buy new stuff. Fortunately this came in some times ago after winning it from a challenge. Thanks! I forgot from who and what reason now..

This is basically a semi-finished fold-out album form Little Yellow Bicycle. It is very easy to put together and I’ve almost used all of those little die-cut from the kit.

I’ve more photos than the space provided for each flip, thus I’ve add extra pages by adhere another piece of paper on one of the fold-out using Making Memories paper pack.

After making this album, then only I realised that it is not so durable as a chipboard album. So, maybe it is not so suitable for my boys to hold it frequently either. Hmm.. maybe I’ll make another one using chip-board.

Thanks for looking.

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