Did a lantern by corrugated board last night with the instructions from Scrappin Kids‘ online tutorial. Absolutely thankful for that, else I won’t have learn how to do the lantern show below. I don’t like the cutting part though ‘cos I’m using raw corrugated board from a big box and it is thick! I love the embellishment part where I get to decorate it as how I like. I’ve used part of the kits from ColorMeDaisy for this.

This is how it looks like when hang up:
I’ve only used 4 photos for this project, two of them which I wasn’t sure where to put in my album and two are newly taken during Chinese New Year. I think I’m going to use the picture above again for a layout, will see.

Didn’t use much embellishment on this project. I’ve just used up 2 pattern paper, some rub-on, some transparent tag from HOTP, flowers from Prima, eyelet from Making Memories and ribbon from Stamper corner.