Day 15

Jornal: Cal can do his own homework but with a bit of push sometimes. I’m happy with his hand writting. I have got ready the computer table for him to do his homework and he likes it there with the good lighting and also of course the view of TV conveniently.

Day 16

Jornal: Bug lover. Cal doesn’t fred a bit in seeing this little creature. First thing he wanted to show me when I got home and he brings this bug wherever he goes that night and left it on the table when he got to sleep with some bread and water!
Note: two photos for the day but only showing one here.

Day 17

Jornal: Exploring day for the boys. They even climbed up to where the water tank is. Cal kept on encouraging Mer to climb up there and later taught him how to climb down too.

day 18

Journal: 年糕 making day. Grandma and grandpa got busy preparing the dough and the fireplace to steam the new year cake. This was the first time the boys saw the whole process in making the 年糕 and they got excited in helping to put fire on the stove too.