Wah.. I’m so sad now.. our office cleaning lady throw away my pizza box which contain two layout inside!! =((

Really sad, no words can describe it. My sons haven’t even look at those two layout yet, especially Cal, one of the page is for him! How could she just throw away my box without looking inside!!

I didn’t even shouted or scold her, ‘cos really, there is no point in doing so, she has tried her best to retrieve the box from the rubbish bin in the rain! The rubbish truck already taken away my love.. 😦

What a day for me, really. She throw it away yesterday! Yesterday was also the day that my site went dead.

Those paper, embellishment, buttons, ribbon, flowers! Oh.. I know I can get them back again, but it won’t be the same anymore. It was a creation, it was a process, it was something that involve feelings and thoughts. I’ll never get the same thing back again.