I got tagged by Jurra

From A to Z…..here goes:

  • A. Attached or single? Married
  • B. Best friend(s)? A lot.. from strangers to best friends.
  • C. Cake or pie? Cake
  • D. Day of choice? Friday night.. no need to sleep early and can wake up late on Saturday if my boys are still sleeping!
  • E. Essential item? My handphone..
  • F. Favorite color? Any colour combination of yellow, orange, read, green, blue.. rainbow!
  • G. Gummy Bears or Worms? of course Gummy bears!
  • H. Hometown? Kudat
  • I. Favorite indulgence? Scrapbooking and card making. oh ya.. and ice cream!! cheese cake!
  • J. January or July? July, that’s my birthday month!
  • K. Kids? Nope, 2 monters on hard time and two angels on good time.
  • L. Life isn’t complete without? Going on vacation
  • M. Marriage date? 26 October 26
  • N. Number of brothers/sisters? 7 but one is up in heaven
  • O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges, and preferably Sunkist
  • P. Phobias? Stairs, like Jurra, I also fell down once in my office.. terrible experience
  • Q. Quotes? Appreciate everyday as it is, do simple things everday and enjoy them. oh ya.. and scrap them all!
  • R. Reasons to smile? When I receive my scrapbook materials.
  • S. Season of choice? Spring in Australia and Summer in UK.
  • T. Tag 5 people: Er.. do I have to?
  • U. Unknown fact about me? It is unknow.. so how would I know?
  • V. Vegetable? Err.. if my mom cooks them, then I like them.
  • W. Worst habit? Jurra, eating Milo powder is not the worst! I ate them with just little bit of water!!
  • X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Of course, ‘cos it won’t kill my cells and mostly those are the time to find out the heart beat of my littel one
  • Z. Zodiac sign? Cancer the crab.

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