Yup, done one layout for the challenge and I’ve posted it in their forum, wanna keep a record here to, so here goes:

Am using TLG after watching Narnia (DLF for Dear Little Friend), so I thought of using initials for my title. So, TLG means This Little Guy.

I’ve used 3 different photos from 3 different time and while little Mer is doing different things too. The slinted one is actually cying after a tantrum ‘cos I didn’t get his favourite food – Donut.

Jornal (hidden behind the photo):
This Little Guy
Cheeky most of the time; talkative when provoke; grumpy when sleepy or need attention; cuddlely when in good mood especially right before bedtime and seeing his 外婆; love to bye-bye whenever anyone is leaving the house; got a sweet mouth to greet anyone; jump, run and thraw things when angry; a brat who cling to mommy or 外婆. Definitely 外婆’s favourite little guy.

Jun 2008

外婆; means grandma from mother’s side.