scrapping stuff

Yay!! It finally came through my mail! I finally got my May kit from Coconut Scrap Shop. I’ve straight away email Jen about the good news – receiving the kit in good order.
I’ve got so many things to play with now, plus those that I haven’t finished exploring yet from Scrap-n-Crop. Now I’m in the lacking of photos! Yup, and also how am I going to tell my stories.

I wanted to a page about myself, but seems so hard to do, I just don’t know what to tell about myself and where to start. I’m actually hoping that there is a challenge somewhere that I can follow, maybe I’ll log back in to and see what they are having now. It has been a long time that I didn’t log in to that site ever since I found out that there are some other online store that take international order.

I’m hoping that I can just walk into a scrapbook store right now and grab all those tools or pattern paper that I love. Sadly I can’t find one here.. *sigh*
But I do love online shopping *grin*

Another thing about me is that I always try to save those pretty pattern paper and try not to use them up in one layout, then once I’ve decided on that, I’ll get into dilemma on if I really should do that.. *sigh* I’m one big confusing scrapper.

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