Technical schools

Just couldn’t believe that I’ve been working in the same company for over 10 years now. During those first few years, I always thought that I won’t stay for long, it always amazed me to find that some of my colleagues have been working there all their life!
I’ve got a very hard first year, being in a new environment right after university and had been faced with a lot of veteran who are much more experience than me and yet I have to supervise them as I have a higher rank then them. Now when I think back, I think I’ve got depression at that time. There is just too much responsibility I suppose and also discovering that I’m always “green” in their (veteran’s) view. When come Sunday night, I’ll feel so depress in knowing that I have to wake up the next day to go to work.
Then problem solved after I’ve been transferred to another department which I feel more in ease. Later on, I was involved with the website building for our company. Working as a team member and got the website up from scratch. I enjoyed creating, designing and planning for the website. Technically I wasn’t being train in university to do website, not a qualify webmaster at that time. But after going through lots of training and reading self-help sites, I did managed and can call myself a webmaster.
I suppose if I have the chance I would love to go into technical school and got myself enough it training. However during the year right after my graduation from high-school, I never have thought of tech schools, I can hardly support myself for study even. Thank Got that I’ve got full support from scholarship.
Yup.. it has been 13 years now, but now I’m no longer working as a webmaster ;0)

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