Giving up?

I’m really thinking, since I’ve a new domain that is using the same name with this blog, should I just delete this one? Since I’ve moved all those relevant posts into the new domain, should I just give this one up? Since it is much easier for me to update a domain instead of blogspot which has been blocked by China firewall, should I just forget about this one? Since this one is still consider new (less than 3 months) and I can’t get any pay post here, there shouldn’t be any loss to delete this one.

Ya.. with all this reasons, I might just forget about this blog and concentrate on my new domain.

As for the other blog which talk more about scrapbooking.. hmm.. what should I do with it? It has been getting pay post but seems harder to get now a days, so it is not really earning as much as I hope it would be.

Maybe, just maybe I should just concentrate on one site.

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