The fashion world

Do you know that Coco Chanel based her success on number from the visions of psychic? Yes, that is why Chanel #5 was born.

I found this information in a website which featured Coco Chanel as one of the fashion designers, i.e. “Fashion Schools”. This site also featured available fashion school in New York. It gives some information for all those fashion schools feature in their site.

I know the STPM result has just came out, so it is also the time for our fellow students to do their choice in what career that they will opt for. I know fashion world isn’t a big hit in Malaysia, but why not? Try out New York fashion schools? New York is the happening place for latest fashion trend. If you love to design and create like me, and financially have no problem to further study, is it good to put fashion designing as one of your options. Under fashion schools New York, you’ll be able to find some featured schools and thus get more information from there by just filling up their forms.

I always belief that the fashion trends affect the scrapbook trends. When you see checks style appear in the fashion, we see the similar pattern paper comes out. So keeping in mind on what’s going on in the fashion world will actually help me to get to know what is the trend now or in the future. It also gives me inspiration on how to do my pages I suppose.

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