Activities during Chinese New Year

Tomorrow will be the first day of the lunar calendar, meaning the first day of Chinese New Year, meaning holidays!! Yay!! We get two days holidays here in Malaysia. One thing for sure that lot of people will do is to stay awake in welcoming in the New Year. What do we do normally to stay awake? You can’t just eat your way till mid-night, or watch TV till mid-night. So one of the sure activities that we lot do is to play cards. Money doesn’t have to be involved, but is sure is a good way to stay alert and get our brains working all through because you’ll need to count your points to win. Well.. if you prefer, you can call it gambling. And this is believed to help Parkinson’s patient, yupe.. just to get them to use their brain more. There are different games that the Chinese play during this festive seasons, one is mah jong. Which to me is a noisy game, because you’ll need to shuffle all the blocks and it does create lots of noise. However, if you prefer to have a quiet game, try online casino, which give you the comfort of staying at home without getting out and it involves more people in the game, i.e. internationally. In this online casino link, it reviews all the sites that are available in the net and even show you the Best Online Casino!
I personally would prefer to play with those that I know, just to look at their expression when they win or loose.
So, have fun during this festive holiday!
At the mean time, let me grab some Chinese mandarin to quench my thirst 😉

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